LawsonKeys Testimonials

18 December 2017

We at LawsonKeys would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you're looking for a New Career for the New Year let us know how we can help. But don't just take our word for it, take a look at a couple of our client testimonials below. 

John. T - Toolmaker 

My family and I recently emigrated back to the U.K from South Africa. I sent my CV out to lots of companies and applied for a few jobs online whilst I was still in South Africa to which I did not achieve much success. Matt Reynolds resourced my CV and immediately sent me a mail requesting more information and the opportunity to have a discussion regarding my needs. Within a week Matt marketed my skills and had three confirmed interviews for when I returned to the U.K and got another one in the following week

Matt has been outstanding to work with, his kindness and patience towards me was very warm and he always gave me confidence through the entire process. All the interviews he planned were with good companies and all made me formal offers on the day of the interviews. By the end of my second week back in the U.K I had the job I wanted in London and Matt still continued to give me support on other matters not relating directly to the job at hand going above and beyond the service I expected. This whole process had been building up for over two months and to say that it has pulled off in the successful way it has done would be a gross understatement. LawsonKeys has rocked me to my core with outstanding service, support, compassion, enthusiasm and trust. It is with this confidence that I can recommend anyone looking for suitable employment in the engineering industry consult Lawson Keys and Matt Reynolds immediately.

Lee.E - Manufacturing Manager - 

LawsonKeys, and Jake, in particular, have proved themselves to be outstanding recruiters. In an environment when so many of their competitors seem to be focussing on volume rather than quality, Jake was professional with respect to aligning my skill sets with defined roles.  Furthermore, throughout the recruitment process he was proactive and consistently went the “extra mile” to ensure that communication was timely, clear and concise. 

At a time when you need to be treated as a professional rather than a CV, Jake and Lawson Keys delivered the personal and professional touch.

The above are just a few reasons why I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lawson Keys to anyone looking for a new career change.