"LawsonKeys firstly understand clearly our needs as an organisation" Graham Ward, LGG Charlesworth

3 March 2017

Malvern based LGG Charlesworth, have over 80 years’ experience in moulding plastics.  We spoke to Graham Ward, Managing Director and asked him why they choose LawsonKeys to support them with their recruitment.

Graham started by saying, “It is often said that people are the most important investment a company can make, and during a period of sustained growth as we have seen at LGG Charlesworth,  this sentiment is especially true.  The quality, calibre and long term retention of staff is highly critical, and as such the same could be said of the recruitment agency that supports our company.”

Why LawsonKeys?

 "Lawson Keys have for the past 6 years ensured that they firstly understand clearly our needs as an organisation today, the development expectation for the future and most importantly the culture of the company."

 How has LawsonKeys, in terms of recruitment, helped support your business?

 "LGG Charlesworth has, as a result enjoyed a successful recruitment process delivering new employees across various disciplines, from technical hands on roles all the way through to senior Board positions.   It is a distinct advantage in having candidates with a clear picture of us as an organisation, the role on offer, its future prospects and how they could contribute before they even step through the door for interview."

 And, going forward….?

 "The outcome for LGG Charlesworth has enabled the company to grow and to deliver a considerable level of success and the company values the contribution that Lawson Keys has played over the years."