Lawson Keys gets down and dirty!

24 July 2015

On the 18th October 2015 (which is a Sunday - a day of rest for most!). LawsonKeys employees and consultants will be getting down and dirty at the historic Eastnor Castle for MUDRUNNER!

The event was thrust upon unsuspecting collegues by Principle Consultant Matt Reynolds, looking to raise as much as possible for RMHC (Birmingham) = Ronald macdonald. This is what they do:

Allow Families to Face the Weight of Illness Together
Families are stronger when they are together, which helps in the healing process. By staying at a Ronald McDonald House, parents also can better communicate with their child’s medical team and keep up with complicated treatment plans when needed. They can also focus on the health of their child, rather than grocery shopping, cleaning or cooking meals.


Allow Children to Get the Best Care
When your child is sick, you want the best care possible – even if it is hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Ronald McDonald House allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to stay at little or sometimes no cost.

So, thanks to LawsonKeys muddy fundraisers -

Matt Reynolds

 Consultant - Shaun Perry

Jake Willcox

Matthew Dutton

Amanda Fortune-Hiseman

Stuart Williams


Consultant - Andrew Graham

Have a look at what lis in store for them!

It's a worthwhile cause - donate as you wish


Inside Ronald McDonald House - paid for by kind donations!


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