Will-i-am joins the plastics revolution!

25 March 2015

'Ekocycle' is the brand that has emerged from a combined project between Will-i-am and Coca-Cola to turn recycled plastic bottles and other materials into fashion and lifestyle products.


The hope is that these global youth influencers will help to make a difference, to 'educate and empower consumers.' 

If you take into account that Coca-Cola claim to have recycled 10.5 million plastic bottled from the London Olympics in 2012, there is a question to be asked here. Is this a method of exploiting the 'green revolution for financial gain' with 'nothing new' or is it a real attempt at educating the next generation?

With the deal being struck to sell the 'Ekocycle' at Harrods, I will reserve my judgment. At least it shows the versatility of recycling is here to stay!